Housing Programs

Bethlehem Haven provides shelter and supportive services to thousands of homeless women. The continuum of care consists of a range of housing and supportive services designed to enable each women to identify her needs, develop a plan of action, and achieve a successful outcome.

Bethlehem Haven believes that a secure home is an essential foundation for women to achieve stable mental and physical health, as well as personal empowerment. Every women who lives at Bethlehem Haven is linked to supportive services, specifically designed for their individual needs. Bethlehem Haven helps clients identify an action plan to achieve self-sufficiency and permanent housing.

Housing Programs

  • EMERGENCY SHELTER provides temporary housing for homeless women for up to 60 days.
  • HAVEN HOMES is a Safe Haven housing model that provides supportive housing for women who are mentally ill.
  • MEDICAL RESPITE CARE is acute and post-acute medical care for patients experiencing homelessness or patients who are unstably housed (housing situations preventing them from receiving medical care in their homes safely) who are too ill or frail to recover from a physical illness or injury while living in shelter or on the streets, but who are not sick enough to be in a hospital.
  • SAFE AT HOME offers monetary and basic assistance to women who are homeless, or at immediate risk of homelessness, for the first time in their lives. Priority is given to women over 50 years old.

Your gift makes a real impact in the lives of so many women.

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